About Us

Combing Swiss Biotechnology With Ancient Remedies For The Best In Skincare And Anti-Aging!

Bringing ethical, conscious, and effective skincare to North America

At NUME-Lab, we began with a mission to create skincare that is both effective and ethical. We sought out to create an entire skincare regimen that would actually work, ending the skincare search for hundreds of thousands of women. With our innovative Swiss biotechnology and high efficacy ingredients like snail mucus extract, we’ve achieved a line we’re proud of.

In 2020, Zikri Business Group LLC, the owner of NUME-Lab.us, entered an exclusive distribution agreement with NUME-Lab Switzerland to make these fantastic products available to North American consumers.

NUME-Lab Skincare Products Are: 

• Made in Switzerland using advanced Swiss biotechnology
• Formulated with snail mucus extract to rejuvenate your skin
• Produced with ethical ingredients of the highest quality
• High efficacy formulations to give you the best results
• Halal certified to celebrate diversity and promote inclusion

Our Ethical Promise

NUME-Lab is dedicated to providing you with ethical and conscious products that actually work. Often, our clients find themselves with a whole bathroom full of skincare fixes that don’t give them the results they’re after. NUME-Lab utilizes the most innovative Swiss biotechnology to produce bio-clean skincare with long lasting results. On top of all that, we hold our products to the highest quality and consciousness standards, so you’re getting a superior product on all levels.

NUME-Lab utilizes the most innovative Swiss biotechnology